Graeme Cuthbert / Director

Graeme has over a decade of consulting experience

Graeme has over a decade of consulting experience in Australia and the UK, advising corporate and government clients. He has extensive experience in energy issues and wider public policy, but has also worked in healthcare, mining and infrastructure from both commercial and public policy perspectives.

Graeme has also been a senior executive in the UK Government, where he was responsible for energy security and long-term decarbonisation planning, and in the New South Wales Government, where his remit included the vocational education market and economic development policy.

Prior to Port Jackson Partners, Graeme's consulting experience was with BCG in Sydney and London.

Outside work, Graeme spends as much time as possible on or in the water with his wife, Caroline, and two daughters.

Graeme holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours and University Medal in Biochemistry from the University of Sydney, and a PhD from Cambridge University.