Byron Pirola / Managing Director

Byron has been a Partner since 1992 and was appointed Managing Director in 2016

Byron has worked in a variety of industries including manufacturing, finance (funds management, insurance, investment banking), construction materials, professional services, mining, pharmaceuticals, transport, defence, property development and distribution.

Byron is a Director and co-founder of Italian based Po Valley Energy and is an active investor in early stage companies. Byron and his wife are also co-founders and National Directors of an international organisation involved in marriage and relationship education. Byron has five children.

His interests (in his few spare moments) include skiing and sailing, photography and astronomy.

Prior to joining Port Jackson Partners, Byron worked at McKinsey and Company for six years. Byron has a PhD in Biochemistry from the Commonwealth Centre of Excellence in Gene Technology (University of Adelaide). He also holds a First Class Honours degree in Biochemistry from the University of New South Wales. Byron was appointed Managing Director of Port Jackson Partners in 2016.