Our Firm

Port Jackson Partners is a consulting firm providing advice to CEOs, Boards and senior managers to help them set corporate direction, define business strategies and develop their organisations.

Port Jackson Partners was founded in 1991 by two former Directors of McKinsey & Company. Over the past two decades the practice has grown into one of Australia's most well respected strategy consulting firms. There are currently ten Partners who lead the practice, assisted by a team of highly qualified consultants.

Our firm is distinctive in five important ways.

We deliver insight through idea intensive problem solving. We are sharply focussed on solving our clients' most important strategic problems.

Our work has real impact. We target critical issues, and provide distinctive solutions that address our clients' unique circumstances. We help our clients make the right choices to create successful, strong, growing businesses.

Our senior, high calibre teams bring real experience. Our Partners are deeply and directly involved in leading day-to-day problem solving.

We work hard to build long-lasting relationships based on consistent high performance. We are expert in working in complement to our client's own expertise and resources.

Finally, our approach allows us to match our consulting effort as our clients' needs change over time. While we can provide more typical consulting teams, we can also fulfil smaller, longer assignments.

You can find more details on our distinctive approach, as well as profiles of our world-class group of Partners, throughout this site.