Career development

Our approach to career development is unequalled by any other top-tier firm.

Working closely with the best

Our business model delivers a high level of interaction with the firm's Principals - this means that you can expect a unique level and quality of on-the-job mentoring, coaching and feedback. This, more than anything else, will contribute to your rapid professional development.

Your development: tailored, flexible and ongoing

Like all top-tier firms we offer structured development and induction programmes. We believe, however, that there are three critical factors which sets our development apart:

Tailored: Our formal development programme has been specifically designed to equip you to be an effective consultant and to support your on-the-job learning. This includes practical sessions led by our Principals and consultants, seminars with leading practitioners and courses with external institutions;

Flexible: As a small firm, Port Jackson Partners can offer flexibility in its formal development. We cater to individual development needs, employing a range of formal development options as and when they are required;

Ongoing: Through our unique model, you will rapidly develop with every client engagement. And in addition to the formal development programme, you will find that our small, collegial group of Principals and consultants is always open to questions and available to offer assistance when you require it.

Further development opportunities

We have a number of formal programmes designed to offer our people the type of high-quality experiences that can further accelerate their development. We offer our best performers the opportunity to develop skills and confidence, as well as to broaden their life experience, through:

  • Financial support to study overseas for an MBA or other higher degree
  • Assistance to secure an attractive secondment overseas
  • Financial support to pursue a pro bono placement, including with international organisations offering offshore placements
  • Secondment opportunities with Qvartz, a Scandinavian consulting firm with which PJP have an alliance relationship

During their development at Port Jackson Partners, many of our consultants have studied at the world's best learning institutions, including Harvard, Wharton, Columbia and INSEAD. Our consultants have a strong reputation at these schools, often performing at the top of the class.

A personalised program

Finally, each new consultant is paired with a Development Leader, a firm Principal, who works to ensure that your career progression is on course and to provide pointers and advice to help you reach your full potential. Your Development Leader is there to help tailor our development opportunities to suit your exact needs.

"PJP's small, collaborative teams provide lots of one-on-one support"