A unique career experience

We engage with our clients using small, Principal-intensive teams that are not built around the hierarchical 'pyramid' employed by many other top-tier consulting firms.

A typical team might include 1 to 2 Business Analysts, with 1 to 2 Associates or Associate Principals and 1 to 2 Principals or Directors.

As a result of this model, our consultants have daily contact with our Principals and clients, which ensures that they are actively involved in the problem solving process.

low leverage

What this means for our people:

Port Jackson Partners' unique model offers a number of distinct advantages for your career with us in consulting:

  • An unrivalled opportunity to work closely with our Principals and receive on-the-job coaching from some of the best in the business
  • Direct interaction with senior executives and leadership teams in leading Australian and multi-national corporations from your first weeks
  • The opportunity to be an integral member of a closely connected team and make an identifiable contribution to the core problem solving process and the overall success of the project
  • More responsibility at an earlier stage in your career, ensuring rapid progression

"I spent my first year working one-on-one with a director"