Veronica Sherwood-Meares


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Having studied Finance at University, I had always assumed that my first job would be in a graduate program at a major bank. Fortunately, through casting my net far and wide during the application process, I looked at a few top-tier consulting firms, including Port Jackson Partners. During the interview process with PJP I quickly realised that I had stumbled across an amazing opportunity, with the chance to take a role which offered a broad experience across a number of industries. In addition, the calibre and friendliness of the people I met throughout the interview process influenced my decision to join PJP.

A broad experience and continuous learning

The work that I have undertaken during my time at PJP has been diverse and incredibly engaging. So far I have had exposure to a wide range of work, from Australian resources to meditation apps to department stores. One of the more unusual and interesting tasks I have undertaken so far has been spending a few weeks helping a microalgae production start-up to develop a growth strategy and put together a production cost model.

The diverse range of topics that Port Jackson Partners is engaged on fosters continuous learning, which I have found exciting and intellectually stimulating.

High impact work

A combination of impressive clients and a unique approach to strategic problem solving means that from day one, the work that you undertake at PJP is high impact. It has been really satisfying to know that even as a Business Analyst, the work that I undertake and present can have a positive and lasting impact on some of Australia's largest and most important companies and organisations.

Inclusive and supportive culture

The culture at Port Jackson Partners is extremely supportive and inclusive. The potentially daunting experience of joining as a new Analyst was made easy and enjoyable by my new colleagues' commitment to making sure I was getting on smoothly. This includes PJP's structured buddy program, the Analyst induction training program, as well as frequent catch-ups with both experienced Business Analysts and partners over my first couple of months.

Team building beyond the office

It's a genuine pleasure to work with the people at Port Jackson Partners. As a result, team building at PJP extends beyond just the office, with many after-hours catch-ups and impromptu and informal events throughout the year. A recent example has been the PJP 'swim squad', where some of the Analysts swim laps together before or after work.

Outside interests

Outside of work, I enjoy getting outdoors as much as possible, including playing sports, running, bushwalking or just heading down to the beach. I also enjoy playing the drums and guitar, and travelling to new places.

Career highlights

  • Joined Port Jackson Partners as a Business Analyst
  • Helped write a public policy paper on the Australian iron ore industry
  • Conducted an in-depth study of the meditation app marketplace
  • Assisted in the commercial negotiations around the conversion of a piece of Australian resource infrastructure
  • Took part in a full strategic review of an Australian mining company
  • Promoted to Associate

"The culture at Port Jackson Partners is extremely supportive and inclusive"


  • Bachelor of Business, Accounting and Finance (first class honours in Finance), UTS
  • Honours in Finance Scholarship, UTS