Sam Dixon


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During the last year of my PhD I faced a decision between staying in science and trying my hand in a new field. Ultimately this boiled down to a choice between continuing to grow my expertise in a single topic, or take steps to becoming more of a generalist. While considering my options I was introduced to PJP through friends who were employees at the time.

PJP was recommended to me as a workplace where I could expect to be involved in high impact projects and develop new skills in a friendly but challenging environment. During my time at PJP these expectations have been borne out and more.

Rapid development

Coming from a science, rather than commercial, background has not been a barrier to productivity at PJP. There is always a steep learning curve when changing fields, but PJP has developed a support system that allowed me to take these lessons in my stride and flourish on an accelerated timeline. PJP's low leverage model allows significant facetime with the firm's partners, which also drives fast and comprehensive development, and is a point of distinction when compared with other consultancies.

High value work

A large part of PJP's appeal to me was the opportunity to be involved with projects of national and international significance. This was a departure from science, where my work (while still important) was only directly relevant to much smaller audiences. One of the great flow-on effects of this is an ability to see the very tangible impacts of my work across short, medium, and long-term timescales, something I find very satisfying.

Culture and people

PJP's people are its greatest strength. PJP has worked very hard to build a friendly, open and collaborative culture across all levels of the firm. It is a joy every day to be surrounded by intelligent, charismatic people with diverse backgrounds. This diversity contributes to a culture of learning between staff.

Outside of work

In the past year I have been heavily involved in the PJP futsal team. When I am not enjoying a nice meal out with friends, I like to play soccer, tennis and golf. I am also a keen (if mostly unsuccessful) amateur fisherman.

Career highlights

  • Started as a Business Analyst
  • Helped a major FMCG company redesign its revenue management system
  • Provided quantitative analysis to underpin a major natural gas sale
  • Helped the Northern Territory Government deliver a gas pipeline in an $800m deal that will create a significant piece of nation building infrastructure

"PJP's low leverage model allows significant facetime with the firm's partners"


  • Bachelor of Philosophy (Physics) with first class honours, ANU
  • PhD in plasma physics, ANU