Megan Nguyen

Business Analyst

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Why I chose PJP

During university, I interned in accounting, finance and corporate strategy. Of the three, I found strategy allowed me to work on a broad range of issues, have exposure to senior management and deal with problems that were pivotal in shaping the company's future. Consulting seemed like a natural progression for me and I chose PJP in particular because of its excellent reputation and people - everyone I met was incredibly smart, humble and friendly.

One of the most fulfilling parts of my work is the continuous learning and development from working across a wide range of industries, clients and problems with highly impressive people.

Development opportunities

I've been able to work closely with associates and partners in an apprenticeship model at PJP. This has been a front seat to understanding how they approach and solve problems, deepening my own skillset. It's also allowed me to see all aspects of the project, take more ownership of work, and participate in meetings with senior executives - all much earlier on than if I were starting out in any other career.


The people here are incredibly hard-working and smart but also supportive and inclusive. I've always felt as though I can reach out for help and people are willing to take time out of their day to help others. There are regular social events on the weekend for everyone to get together such as cooking classes, the annual tennis tournament, and BBQs.

Outside of work

I enjoy travelling, photography, and spending time with my friends. On the off chance I feel active, I like pilates and running.

The people here are incredibly hard-working and smart, but also supportive and inclusive.


  • Bachelor of Accounting Co-operative Scholarship, UTS