Julia Schoenheimer


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After starting my career at a consulting firm that specialised in the digital and media sectors, I decided to try something with a broader scope of clients, problems and industries. Port Jackson Partners offered me the opportunity to gain more diverse experience whilst continuously developing fundamental problem solving and critical thinking skills that will be useful regardless of where my career takes me.

Values of the firm

Port Jackson Partners prides itself on delivering best-in-class problem solving. Our clients value our bespoke, first principles approach to projects, that does not rely on one-size-fits-all frameworks.

This is how we are able to ensure we are providing the best advice to our clients, despite potentially working on their business for the first time. In fact, something our clients often find useful is that we provide a 'fresh set of eyes', and are happy to challenge what may have become accepted norms in their business.

Work/life balance

I tend to be a bit of a gym junkie and like to start every morning with exercise. One of the great things about PJP has been that I have been able to keep up my routine, even when projects get busy. Everyone at PJP respects that each person has outside interests and commitments, and does their best to accommodate these.


As far as I can tell from discussions with friends who work in a variety of industries/organisations, PJP is a very unique place to work. I have genuine friendships with all of my colleagues, and enjoy getting to know them better outside of the office. For me, the size of the firm is perfect in that the teams I work in are always different, but I still know everyone in the office well.

Learning and development

Consulting is very much an apprenticeship model where you learn at the job. However, PJP also provides various in-house and external training sessions that help hone our skills in areas such as problem solving, communication and financial modelling. Another great thing about the culture at PJP is that I feel comfortable asking anyone in the firm for help, whether we are working on the same project or not. People are always willing to lend a hand when someone asks for assistance. Often, people will overhear me talking about an issue and will volunteer helpful ideas/solutions without even asking!

Career highlights

  • Started as a graduate at a boutique consultancy specialising in Digital, Media and Telecommunications
  • Joined Port Jackson Partners as a Business Analyst
  • Reviewed the merchandise performance of one of Australia's largest retailers, which involved developing a powerful performance diagnostic tool
  • Developed the growth strategy for an ASX listed non-bank financial institution
  • Assisted in the development of the internal strategic and external investor narrative for a major Australian energy utility
  • Provided project management support for the cost-out program of a major manufacturing company, and identified cost-saving initiatives for several workstreams within the program
  • Promoted to Associate

"The size of the firm is perfect in that the teams I work in are always different, but I still know everyone in the office well"


  • Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Economics, Politics and History), University of Sydney
  • Student exchange to Uppsala University in Sweden