Jason Wells


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I joined Port Jackson Partners in 2016 after beginning my career at CBA. While I found my time at the bank extremely rewarding, three unique opportunities attracted me to PJP: access to organisations' most pressing strategic issues, exposure across a broad range of industries, and the rapid development of well-rounded commercial skills and knowledge.


Early in your career, it can sometimes be challenging to find roles in a large organisation that allow you to have a significant commercial impact. At PJP, clients engage us to work on only their most pressing strategic and organisational challenges. This means that the work that you do and the ideas and insight you contribute really matter.


One of the things I most enjoy about working at Port Jackson Partners is the culture of ongoing professional development.  At the beginning of a project, we take time to discuss our development goals as a team and we support one another to achieve them.

I have found all of my colleagues generous with their time and knowledge, and I have found that working in small and Principal-intensive teams provides ample opportunity to learn from some of Australia's most trusted business advisors.


In my experience, a good workplace culture is very important for your day to day enjoyment at work. The culture at PJP friendly, open and collaborative and my colleagues welcoming, intelligent and increasingly diverse. This means there are lots of interesting people to bounce ideas off and very enjoyable lunchtime banter.

Work life balance

While management consulting can be a demanding business, PJP understands the importance of a balanced life. Outside of work, I have a regular poker game with friends, play my ever growing collection of musical instruments, and get out in the surf as often as I can.

Career highlights

  • Joined PJP as a Business Analyst
  • Helped a major energy distributor develop core product capabilities
  • Identified and assessed opportunities for a division of a listed health company to improve performance
  • Redesigned the investment decision making framework for one of Australia's largest energy companies
  • Built an enterprise wide economic model to enhance the strategic capabilities of a major Australian infrastructure company with assets of $9bn

"I have found it very rewarding to see my work translate into tangible changes in our client's businesses"


  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce
  • First class honours in Econometrics