Jared Blumberg

Business Analyst

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I joined Port Jackson Partners in 2017 after graduating from the University of New South Wales with a combined Commerce and Law degree.

When I finished university and was faced with a number of potential career paths, I found that management consulting was best suited to my core strengths of problem solving, strategic thinking and analytics, and I was keen to deliver high impact work.

Of the firms that I interviewed with, PJP was able to offer a unique experience which would not be achievable at a larger firm. I was particularly drawn to the opportunity to work closely with senior directors, within small teams, and have opportunities to travel with my work.

Opportunities at PJP

Two weeks into my role, I joined a small PJP team in Singapore to assist a large Australian company in setting a strategy for growth in the ASEAN region. It was a fantastic opportunity to experience working in another country, and to learn about some of the world's most rapidly developing economies. It was a great learning opportunity for me as our team engaged closely with the client and developed a deeper understanding of their business by visiting their sites across the region.

Work/Life Balance

PJP provides a lot of flexibility to help employees meet their varying commitments outside of work. Personally, it's important to me to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and I have seamlessly been able to integrate exercise into my daily routine - we also have a number of teams competing in different sports and fitness challenges throughout the year. Our regular social events build a strong sense of camaraderie, and help to make the transition from University to work a lot easier.

Career highlights

  • Completed internships in various investment banking, technology and law firms during my studies.
  • Spent two months in Singapore helping a leading industrials company to develop a strategic roadmap to accelerate ASEAN growth.
  • Assisted a global financial services company to formulate their corporate strategy, responding to various regulatory and industry-specific challenges.

I was particularly drawn to the opportunity to work closely with senior directors


  • UNSW Business School Dean’s List 2010, 2011
  • UNSW Law School Dean’s List 2014
  • Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws 2015