James Lamb

Senior Associate

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While studying economics and finance at university, I had primarily considered careers traditionally associated with my areas of study. I thought that I would work in investment banking or funds management. During an internship at an investment bank, however, I quickly realised that a specialised career in finance wasn't for me - I wanted to continually be challenged on a much wider range of problems. After some research, I concluded that strategy consulting would provide me with the most complete apprenticeship in business straight out of university.

Unparalleled opportunities

In my short time at PJP, I have been fortunate to work on a range of intellectually demanding, high profile projects. I simply wouldn't have had these experiences anywhere else, and each of them has been distinctly different:

  • My first project, which was with a Partner and an Associate, was a public policy paper on the future of Australia's mining industry. When it was released, our findings made the front page of the papers, and our work is still regularly cited
  • Towards the end of my first year I spent a significant amount of time based in a developing country in Asia, assisting a global miner in their negotiations with the government over the future of a multi-billion dollar investment. The work ranged from developing a negotiation strategy, to responding to myriad requests from the government which required us to collaborate with many areas of the business
  • I had the opportunity to assist a Partner in facilitating a strategy workshop at a Pacific Rim mining company, which was attended by the Board and Executive Team. To be in a meeting like this might ordinarily take decades of experience
  • For much of the past year, I was part of a team that redefined the strategy of a global metals processing company - the company will invest over half a billion dollars as a result of our recommendations. The project involved extensive travel, both domestic and international

A talented and diverse group

One of the key reasons why I chose to work at PJP, and why I enjoy working here now, is the people I have the privilege of working with.

Working with the people at PJP has been both humbling and rewarding - they are, without exception, highly intelligent, resourceful and warm.

It is also an incredibly diverse group. This is valuable for the firm as whole, but also for the individual. I have worked with people from a wide range of backgrounds, with very different approaches to solving problems. As a result, I am continually challenged in my ways of thinking.

A life outside of work

Outside of work, I try to take it easy. I spend most of my time with family and friends, running, playing guitar and practicing yoga.

I also like trying new things. Recently, I've had a go at scuba diving, spearfishing, sniper rifle shooting and skydiving. Hang gliding and abseiling are next on the list. I've also been fortunate enough to spend a fair bit of time skiing in the Alps while in Europe on my last project.

Career highlights

  • Interned at a bulge bracket investment bank
  • Joined Port Jackson Partners as a Business Analyst
  • Helped to write a public policy paper for the Minerals Council of Australia on the challenges faced by Australia's mining industry
  • Reviewed the structure of the minerals processing industry for a global resources company
  • Helped a major mining company in their negotiations with the government over a multi-billion dollar investment, on the ground, in a developing country in Asia
  • Assisted in facilitating the Board and Executive Team strategy workshop of a Pacific Rim miner
  • Redefined the strategy of a global metals processing company in the face of significant industry challenges; recommended an investment suite worth over half a billion dollars which was approved by the Board and is currently being implemented
  • Promoted to Associate
  • Advised Australia's leading department store on the strategic rationale and financial implications of a multi-billion dollar merger
  • Assessed the potential for consolidating the over $500m property portfolio and store footprint of a large Australian retailer; recommendations were endorsed and the sale process is underway
  • Provided commercial support to a major Australian entertainment company during their negotiations with a state government for the purchase of a licence worth ~$100m
  • Developed the strategy for the fastest growing business unit of an Australian gambling and entertainment company
  • Helped one of Australia's largest energy companies to develop new business models in response to significant industry disruption
  • Currently developing the corporate strategy for a major Australian infrastructure company with assets of over $9b
  • Promoted to Senior Associate

I simply wouldn’t have had these experiences anywhere else, and each of them has been distinctly different


  • Bachelor of Commerce with First Class Honours, UQ
  • Bachelor of Economics, UQ
  • UQ Business School Honours – Full Scholarship
  • UQ Exchange Scholarship – University of California, Los Angeles