Gareth Vaughan


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Having always enjoyed problem solving and understanding the process of decision making, I spent quite some time searching for a role that would incorporate these interests, while having a meaningful impact at both a company and interpersonal level. Early in my career I observed the way that strategic decision making impacted businesses, and the people within them, and began to look for roles that would allow me to get more involved in this process. Among other consulting firms, Port Jackson Partners were unique in their specialisation in delivering this kind of strategic thinking to some of Australia's largest companies.

After meeting with some of the people at PJP it became clear that they offered an opportunity to become involved in high level strategic thinking from day one.


Although always interested in business, having studied a non-commerce degree it was reassuring to find that the training and experience offered at PJP rapidly developed my understanding of corporate finance and management. This has largely been the result of PJP's low leverage model, which means that I am working in small teams alongside highly impressive people, an opportunity that is certainly one of PJP's greatest attributes.

Work satisfaction

Motivated by working with people, I have been pleased to find that, beyond the financial modelling skills that I have developed whilst at PJP, managing relationships and clear communication of complex ideas is also a central part of my role. Since starting with Port Jackson in early 2015 I have worked directly with clients at the CEO and senior executive level and seen the impact of these interactions flow on throughout the business.

Work/life balance

Outside of management consulting I enjoy spending time camping, bushwalking and rock climbing. The work at PJP is often challenging and can be demanding, however I have found plenty of opportunities to balance this with time spent in the outdoors.

Career highlights

  • Worked on a top-down strategic review for a major Australian entertainment business
  • Developed a new multi-faceted growth strategy for a leading construction company
  • Built a financial model to support the acquisition of an ASX listed company
  • Promoted to Associate

"PJP's low leverage model means I am working in small teams alongside highly impressive people"


  • Bachelor of Psychological Science (valedictorian, first class honours), UQ
  • Australian Psychological Society (APS) Award