Felicity Hughes

Senior Associate

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I joined Port Jackson Partners soon after finishing my engineering degree in Industrial Chemistry. At the time I was looking for a career that would allow me to work more closely with people, and to gain experience across a variety of industries. After four years, I can safely say this was a good decision.  At PJP, I have worked with consistently excellent people (both within PJP and in client organisations), and so far I have had deep exposure to more than 8 industries.

I recently had the opportunity to spend 6 months in Copenhagen on exchange with a leading Scandinavian consultancy, gaining a fascinating perspective into how they do consulting in a different business and cultural environment.

Continuous learning

One of the things I find most stimulating about consulting at PJP is that I am constantly learning something new, whether that be getting to know a new client and their business, or focussing on the next skill I need to develop to grow into a great advisor. Since being promoted to Associate I have had the opportunity to really focus on developing my skills in leading teams, managing projects and developing client relationships.

A truly familial culture

One of the best things about PJP is the people I work with, who are friendly, interesting and intelligent without exception. This leads to a real familial culture around the office, which is deliberately fostered from the partnership down.  By this I mean that people really care about each other - for me an important example was the Partners giving me significant flexibility in staffing while a close relative was ill, without my needing to ask for it.

Exceptional development opportunities

Being a small firm, PJP offers real flexibility in development opportunities as staff move up through the firm. Last year, I was lucky enough to be the second participant in a new exchange program we have established with QVARTZ, a first-tier Scandinavian consulting company. The program involves biannual exchanges, where a PJP consultant spends up to 6 months working for QVARTZ in their Copenhagen office, and vice versa.  I had an amazing experience on exchange - I got to work on three projects, exposing me to a great cross-section of industries and project types, while getting to know their exceptional people, experiencing a Danish winter, indulging in a little bit of travel and even seeing the Northern Lights.  It was fascinating to gain such a close insight into how another consulting company operates, and the program has already proven to be a great way of sharing ideas, processes and expertise.

Outside work

Outside of work, I practice yoga several times a week and spend arguably too much time cooking, baking and finding new cafes and restaurants to try (the office occasionally benefits from my baking habit). I'm also very excited for the rebirth of the PJP mixed netball team this year!

Career highlights

  • Joined Port Jackson Partners as a Business Analyst
  • Helped write a response to frame a manufacturer's response to the Government's Energy White Paper
  • Assisted in a business unit strategy review for a major Australian retailer
  • Worked with an entertainment company to review their full corporate strategy
  • Developed a market, competitor and pricing strategy for an Australian mining services company
  • Assisted with commercial due diligence for a proposed merger, and helped the client in thinking through immediate post-integration priorities
  • Promoted to Associate
  • Assisted with a major organisational review for a division of an oil and gas company
  • Led a team to develop a new performance diagnostic tool for a major Australian department store
  • Worked with an FMCG business to redesign their commercial relationship with a key stakeholder
  • Spent 5 months on exchange at QVARTZ in Copenhagen
  • Completed a detailed market overview for a start-up looking to develop a new meditation app, and assisted them to produce a business plan and strategy (pro bono)
  • Supported a client in negotiations for a potential joint venture on a major piece of infrastructure development
  • Promoted to Senior Associate

"Since being promoted to Associate I have had the opportunity to really focus on developing my skills in leading teams"


  • B Eng (Industrial Chemistry), First Class Honours, UNSW
  • University Medal in Industrial Chemistry
  • Co-op Scholarship, UNSW