Douglas George

Business Analyst

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PJP really does offer employees the opportunity to tackle the most complex problems facing Australia's biggest companies, and we deliver real solutions that weave their way into the fabric of the companies we serve. We approach these problems in small teams, developing bespoke solutions for every client. I was particularly impressed with the high quality of the people that I met during the interview process, and the low leverage model of the firm that allows for frequent interaction both within teams and with clients.


Solving difficult problems requires an approach that can adapt to challenging issues whilst maintaining quantitative and qualitative rigour. PJP provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn new and creative ways to problem solve, with frequent exposure to directors and senior executives to help mould the thinking process. Working at PJP brings an immense amount of new learning on a daily basis.

Culture and Values

I am constantly humbled by the quality of the people who I get to work with every day. A lot can be said about the impressive intellectual capability of the team, however for me, ultimately it's the humility with which people at PJP carry out their work that is most admirable.

A strong culture of knowledge sharing flows through the firm, and people are always happy to make the time to answer questions, provide guidance, and genuinely support each other to deliver outstanding work.

Outside work

Outside of work Doug is a keen basketballer and aviation enthusiast.


Prior experience
  • A number of engineering internships during the course of his studies, including as a Process Automation Engineer, IC Design Engineer, and an Applications Engineer
PJP experience
  • Developing a refreshed business strategy and risk management strategy for the major business unit of a large Australian financial services company
  • Assisting an Australian law firm with a large global footprint to align partners on an international strategy

Working at PJP brings an immense amount of new learning on a daily basis


  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (first class honours and co-op scholarship from UNSW)
  • Georgia Institute of technology - Association of pacific rim university scholarship received
  • Korea University - summer intensive in business strategy