Caroline English

Business Analyst

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When I graduated from my commerce degree I was on a pathway to work at a big accounting firm. I wasn't quite sure about it, so I took an opportunity to spend two years working as the CFO of Oaktree, a youth-led aid and development organisation. It was an incredible experience, and led to a realisation that I was particularly keen on strategy work in a high-impact environment, which is what led me to PJP.

I love working here - the environment is genuinely friendly, my colleagues and mentors are outstanding and the client problems are interesting and important.

Values of the firm

PJP's 'low leverage' style of consulting means junior consultants get the chance to work directly with experienced senior partners. I really enjoy learning from their instincts, refined through years of experience.

Work satisfaction

I enjoy the style of work in consulting because it is project-based, with a start and an end to each project. I find it very gratifying to finish a project where the client is happy, the work is high quality and recommendations are successfully implemented.

Work/life balance

Being a consultant can be busy and we sometimes must work hard to deliver on important client deadlines (although these periods are often when the work is most interesting). Nonetheless, I am conscious of managing my time and making sure I am still involved with the extracurricular things that are important to me. I do singing lessons on Thursday nights and I have only missed a handful since working here. The fact that I mostly work from Sydney combined with PJP's tailored approach to staff management allows scheduling flexibility that I do not think I would get at a larger firm.


My peers are all excellent and have become great friends. There is collegiate vibe at PJP. We all sit together, unless we're working at a client site which is comparatively rare, and we enjoy some great social events throughout the year.

Outside of work

I love to sing, I go running and do pilates, I'm learning to play the piano and I'm interested in politics.

Career highlights

  • Became CFO of Oaktree
  • Qualified as a CPA
  • Joined PJP as a Business Analyst
  • Worked on a big transformation program for a key Australian manufacturer

"My peers are all excellent and have become great friends"


  • Bachelor of Commerce, Monash University
  • CPA