Callum Morrison


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Prior to joining PJP I had been completing a cadetship at a large contracting firm. Through this cadetship I gained some great operational experience, however there were very limited opportunities to think strategically beyond the scope of implementing everyday processes. I soon came to realise it was this strategic thinking that I found most interesting and as such, I found the pure strategy focus of the work at PJP to be extremely appealing.

The other aspect that attracted me to PJP was the opportunity to work in small teams directly with Principals, and get exposure to senior client executives right from the outset of my career. In the two years since I joined PJP my expectations have been more than met in this regard.

Unmatched development opportunities

I believe PJP has offered me a development pathway that few, if any, other employers would be able to match. The small size of the teams we work in, in addition to working so closely with the Principals, creates an environment that enables you to take on greater responsibility, learn, and get more exposure to clients at a very fast rate.

Impact of work

A large part of what makes working at PJP so rewarding for me is the impact I can see our work is having, and within that, the impact my own work is having.

I distinctly remember a day last year where every story on the front page of the Australian Financial Review was in someway related to work PJP was doing.

A great example of the impact of our work is one of the first projects I worked on for a New Zealand agricultural co-operative which has since seen a complete turnaround in profitability that has allowed it to retain 100% New Zealand ownership, while competitors have been forced to raise capital through foreign investors.


One of the aspects that makes working at PJP such an enjoyable experience is the people. The firm has a well developed social program with one to two firm events a month, as well as weekly team sport. Despite the frequency of these firm social events, I often still find myself hanging out with friends from PJP on the weekend.

Outside of work

Outside of work I am a keen endurance athlete and adventurer. I used to do a lot of ocean swimming, the highlight being competing in a relay race across the English Channel. Since joining PJP I have taken up running and mountaineering, completing my first ultramarathon in 2015, and summiting my first technical peaks last year.

Career highlights

  • Worked on the new Terminal 4 project at Melbourne Airport as site engineer for Leighton Contractors
  • Joined PJP as a Business Analyst
  • Assisted the Northern Territory Government in assessing the feasibility of a multi billion-dollar piece of rail infrastructure which resulted in the formation of a joint steering committee between the Northern Territory, Queensland and Federal Governments to further develop the project
  • Advised a leading build materials company in Australia through their wholesale supply contract negotiations with key suppliers
  • Worked in India to assist an Australian client develop a medium term strategic roadmap for a joint venture there
  • Promoted to Associate

In my projects so far, ~80% of my time has been spent working directly with a Principal at PJP.


  • Bachelor of Environments (Construction), Melbourne University, University Medal
  • University of California: Berkeley – semester exchange and scholarship
  • Kaplan Professional – Diploma of Applied Finance