Bo An Lu

Business Analyst

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Why I chose PJP

PJP stood out to me for two reasons: the great people I met through the interview process, and the low leverage model - small teams that allow you to work closely with partners to hash out problems together.

I've joined many problem-solving sessions with colleagues and partners as we think about how to break down a problem into its component parts, next steps, and additional pieces of analysis that we need to help our clients.

I've found by experience that the fastest way to pick up new skills is to work closely with people who are more skilled and experienced than yourself, and PJP creates an environment where that is possible!

Learning and Development

I love the amount that I learn on the job from working closely with incredibly bright partners and work colleagues, whom I'm also delighted to call my friends. It feels like I'm learning something new every day, whether it be about an industry I'd never thought about, or a new way to look at an interesting problem. There's a supportive atmosphere here which encourages learning, and I'm never afraid to ask for help.

Career highlights

  • Joined Macquarie Bank as a Market Risk Analyst for their Energy Markets Division in Houston, Texas.
  • Joined Port Jackson Partners as a Business Analyst
  • Assisted an ASX 50 company to determine the industry attractiveness of a North American market opportunity.
  • Worked with an ASX 100 company to formulate a North American growth strategy, including four months working in the US with our project team.

There’s a supportive atmosphere here which encourages learning


  • Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Mathematics)
  • Bachelor of Laws (Honours Class II, Division 1) from the University of Sydney.