Anthony Ng


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I started my career with Macquarie where I worked in risk management for 4 years. Curiosity for what might be "on the other side" and wanting to pursue a more client-facing role prompted me to look into management consulting. PJP caught my attention because of its excellent reputation and its low-leverage model. After meeting with a number of associates and partners whose own experiences strongly reinforced the positive things I'd heard, I knew I was ready to move.

Highly rewarding work

Since joining, the work I've been involved in has been challenging and highly varied. Over the past couple of years, I've covered industries ranging from agriculture, consumer goods and resources.

It is enormously satisfying to know that the insights we generate are shared and applied by the senior management of some of the largest companies in Australia and abroad.

The benefits of working in a low-leverage model should not be underestimated. The amount of time spent working directly alongside experienced partners makes the job much like an apprenticeship. You rapidly develop an ability to think critically and to tackle the problems faced by the highest levels of management in industry today.

Being part of the team

The culture at PJP is both welcoming and inclusive. Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and have an impact on the thinking and direction of the projects they work on. Combined with my colleagues' generosity in giving their time and support, all these things helped make my transition into the firm very easy.

Outside of work

Growing up with a family-owned restaurant has left me with a great appreciation for food and trying new cuisines. I dedicate a lot of my leave to travel, most recently having gone to parts of Africa and south-east Asia. In day-to-day life, you'll generally find me either out with friends or playing the latest video games.


Career highlights

  • Joined Macquarie's risk management group
  • Worked in economic capital analytics with a focus on equity risk, non-traded interest rate risk and risk-adjusted return metrics
  • Joined Port Jackson Partners as a Business Analyst
  • Promoted to Associate
  • Helped a major Australian property group evaluate the economics of an intermodal freight terminal and develop a consortium strategy
  • Assisted a leading Asia-Pacific FMCG company understand the challenges facing its core and key growth businesses and the implications of this on its earnings outlook
  • Assisted a leading Asia-Pacific FMCG company devise a strategy for pursuing growth in Asia and advised in resulting negotiations for a US$500 million capital injection
  • Helped a large Australian fixed capacity manufacturer to enter new growth markets and restructure their distribution costs
  • Worked with a leading New Zealand agricultural co-operative to develop a revenue growth strategy  and reduce manufacturing costs
  • Helped a mining company define a strategic agenda to improve performance and pursue its growth options

"PJP caught my attention because of its excellent reputation and its low-leverage model"


  • Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction, UNSW
  • Masters of Actuarial Studies, UNSW