Anthony Gray

Associate Principal

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I joined Port Jackson Partners in 2008 after graduating with a combined Law and Economics degree. Uncertain about what I wanted to do for a career, I pursued Management Consulting as I felt this was the best way to get a broad commercial apprenticeship. Of all the firms I interviewed with, I ultimately chose PJP after being very impressed with the exceptional people I met and attracted to the accelerated development opportunities of a smaller firm.

Varied and interesting work

One of the best things about working at PJP is the varied and interesting work we do. I am naturally curious, and enjoy the fact I am constantly learning at PJP, across both the different industries and the different types of projects we work on.

I thoroughly enjoy the problem solving nature of our work - it is very satisfying to develop a solution to our clients' most vexing issues

Accelerated development

As a smaller firm, PJP provides accelerated personal development opportunities. From my first project, where I found myself presenting our recommendations to the senior executives of our client as a junior Business Analyst, to now where I am leading client engagements as an Associate Principal, I have constantly been stretched and encouraged to take on leadership roles. Whilst daunting at times, these experiences have been invaluable to my career development.

Collegial and supporting culture

PJP is a people-oriented firm, with a high value placed on teamwork and personal development. Collaboration is encouraged and each individual can, and is expected to have a significant impact on the team result. The firm is also very supportive of consultants' life outside of work - as a new father, the flexibility provided by PJP is immensely valuable!

Career highlights

  • Started as a Business Analyst at PJP
  • Worked with a leading Australian integrated energy company to develop a value proposition and market strategy for their retail business
  • Developed a strategic plan for an international investment bank looking to expand into Australia
  • Completed a business case and deal strategy for a proposed cross-border acquisition by a leading Australian industrial company
  • Worked with a leading petroleum company to develop an integrated growth strategy across multiple business units, markets, and geographies
  • Promoted to Associate
  • Completed a national review of regional resource 'hot spots', and identified resource driven growth opportunities for a leading Australian industrial company
  • Assisted a leading Australian equipment management company complete an organisational turn-around
  • Worked with a leading construction materials company to develop a business unit growth strategy
  • Led project in Dubai developing a 'neighbourhood malls' growth strategy for leading Middle Eastern property developer
  • Promoted to Associate Principal
  • Worked with leading Australian industrial manufacturing company to develop a strategy to protect their downstream businesses and grow in adjacent markets

“As a new father, the flexibility provided by PJP is immensely valuable”


  • Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Laws
  • First class honours in Economics
  • First class honours in Law