Alexander Dalton

Business Analyst

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I have always had an interest in problem solving, so upon the completion of high school I thought it would be logical to undertake an Engineering degree. During my third year I assisted with the construction of a mine in Northern Queensland, which helped me realise that although there were aspects of Engineering that interested me, I wanted to be exposed to a wider range of industries but still be continually challenged. A career in management consulting provided me with this exposure, as well as providing a great opportunity to enter the business world.

Growth and development

Coming from an engineering background, I was initially worried that my lack of business experience would be an issue. However, I quickly realised how people-oriented and open PJP is, with emphasis placed on the professional development of all staff. There are regular training sessions throughout the year that focus on key skills such as financial modelling, communication and problem solving. On top of this there is an open-door policy, which is invaluable in gaining advice from other Analysts, Associates and even Principals.

Low leverage teams, high exposure

PJP's low leverage model provides unrivalled development opportunities. From day one, I have had direct, regular interaction with partners. This has allowed me to take part in discussions and problem solving meetings that I would not have been involved in at a larger firm.

As a result of the small team structure, I have found that I am given much more responsibility than I had expected, which I know will accelerate my personal progression.

Work satisfaction

The work we do at PJP is important and impactful to both clients and the broader public. In my first year I worked for one of Australia's large industrial companies, assisting with a major strategic decision that would shape their future and the future of the communities in which they operate. It was quite surreal to see a piece of work that I was a part of be reported extensively in the media. Additionally, the positive feedback that PJP receives from clients for the work we complete is extremely satisfying.

Outside work

I am an avid sports fan and try to spend as much time outdoors as possible. I grew up playing tennis and rugby competitively but now just love to get out for a social game whenever I can. I also enjoy keeping fit and run regularly.

Career highlights

  • Bechtel Australia Engineering Scholarship
  • Summer internship at Bechtel Mining & Metals
  • Joined Port Jackson Partners as a Business Analyst
  • Assisted a leading multinational industrials business with a strategic decision regarding  the future of their Australian operations

"There are regular training sessions throughout the year that focus on key skills"


  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (First Class Honours), UQ